Amateur Weather Station Lazanky by Blansko, Czech Republic (20 km north of Brno)


10 February 2020
Last year updated.

10 July 2019
Update up to June 2019.

17 January 2018
Last year's data updated.

3 November 2016
The warmest September on record with an average of 15.2°C.

1 August 2015
July was the warmest month so far - the average temperature was higher than 20°C for the first time.

6 January 2015
2014 was the warmest year so far.

10 December 2013
Update for the last 6 months.

9 June 2013
Update for the last three months.

12 March 2013
February was slightly above the average in temperatures with insignificant min/max values.

2 February 2013
Finally finished an update for the last three months.

2 November 2012
October was again close to average but on 27th there was the first snow coming unusually early this year.

1 October 2012
Temperatures in September were close to average. On 21st there was a slight morning frost, but it didn't cause any harm to vegetation.

1 September 2012
The weather in Blansko and surrounding kept the same trend as in July.

4 August 2012
Temperature was slightly above average and precipitation slightly below average in July.

16 July 2012
Another warm and dry month in Lazanky.

7 June 2012
May was warm but dry with a late frost that damaged crops in Blansko and surroundings.

8 May 2012
April was rather cold apart from the end of the month when we experienced record breaking high temperatures.

9 April 2012
February was the coldest month in the history of measurements but it was followed by very warm March.

8 February 2012
January was mild but in the end the temperatures dropped sharply.

9 January 2012
November was very dry, December quite warm and the year as a whole average in terms of temeparature.

3 November 2011
The temperature in October was near to average but with outstanding maximum and minimum.

2 October 2011
Warm month again and also dry and sunny in addition.

1 September 2011
August and especially its second half was warm in Blansko-Lazanky. The first tropical night since the beginning of observations was recorded on 26/27 August.

1 August 2011
The coldest July so far with less sunshine than usual.

1 July 2011
June was calm, with no meteorological extremes.

2 June 2011
There was again a lot of sunshine and little cloud cover, at the beginning of the month there were frosts, when some fruit trees froze.

4 May 2011
April continued in the same pattern started by March.

12 April 2011
The main feature of March was the well above average amount of sunshine.

3 March 2011
February was very dry, without snow coverage, but quite cold and sunny.

2 February 2011
January passed without any weather extremes. The average temperature was -1.1°C.

2 January 2011
The coldest December so far. Also the year 2010 was the coldest year so far.

3 December 2010
November was very warm, even warmer than October!

1 November 2010
The coldest October so far.

1 October 2010
September was pretty cold in Blansko and surroundings and thanks to its finish also wet.

1 September 2010
Severe technical problems. Lots of data lost.

2 August 2010
July has been the hottest measured month in Lažánky so far.

1 July 2010
The weather in June was very changeable in Blansko and surroundings, on 12 June there was the worst thunderstorm in the last 10 years (at least), which caused a lot of damage to the area.

1 June 2010
As well as in whole Moravia May was very humid and relatively cold in Moravian Karst. Unfortunately the exact figures about rainfall are not available due to a rain gauge break-down.

2 May 2010
So far the coldest April and also the beginning of the year since the start of regular observations.

2 April 2010
March consisted of 2 different parts - the first half was cold, with the average temperature of -1.5°C, then the spring came in the second half, which had the average temperature of 7.4°C.

1 March 2010
February was very rich in snow, which lay on the ground from the beginning of January until the end of February, when the thaw finally came.

2 February 2010
The temperature dropped even lower in January - to -21°C. The month as a whole was very cold and rich in snow.

1 January 2010
The temperature dropped to -19°C in December, which was the lowest temperature in the past 2 years. The year 2010 was only slightly colder than 2009.

2 December 2009
Apart from the cool start, temperatures in November were above the average.

1 November 2009
October was characterized by substantial temperature twists - after the summer day on 7 October we experienced snowing a week later!

1 October 2009
Dry and sunny weather continued also in September, temperatures were above the average.

1 September 2009
August was dry and sunny in comparison with July, the temperature was close to the average.

2 August 2009
July was very humid this year, the overall rainfall was 210 mm. 85 mm of rain in one hour fell in an extremely strong thunderstorm on 14 July.

2 July 2009
The beginning of June was very cold, the end was warmer with many thunderstorms and high humidity resulting in very muggy weather.

3 June 2009
This year's May was only slightly colder than the last year's. The average temperature was 12.7°C.

1 May 2009
April was very dry in comparison with March and also very warm. Complete data are available in the Measured Values section.

2 April 2009
March was very humid in Lazanky, unfortunately I don't have the accurate data available; the average temperature was 3.5°C.

2 March 2009
February had a near to average temperature in Blansko and surroundings, the average was few decimals below zero.

1 February 2009
The first month of this year was colder than the average, on 9 January the temperature dropped to -17.4°C, which is the lowest temperature since the beginning of the observation.

1 January 2009
Last December was warm, same as the last year, which had the average temperature of 8.7°C.

November data update. November was very warm this year (5.4°C in comparison with 1.6°C last year).

Data from October are available. The average temperature of this year's October was 1.4°C higher than the last year's

Regular data update - September 2008

Data from August are available

Summer is to be enjoyed, but July data are here for you now!

Because a few people were interested in a formula, which converts barometric pressure into Sea level pressure, I added a link, where you can find it. It's here - in the section Reduktion auf Meereshohe. Unfortunately it's in german but it's easily understandable with only little knowledge of german (or with an online translator). You can find the Excel version of the formula in the file 2008.xls (in the section Measured Values) splitted into columns K, L and M.

Sorry for the slight delay, June figures available now

Data from May added

Regular data update - April 2008

March data update

Added data from February 2008

17/08/2006 Initial version of this web was set up
Measured Values and Graphs of April, May and June 2006 available

19/01/2008 Enhanced version of the web created
Added data from last year and also forum is now up and running

I finally found out formula that converts barometric pressure into Sea level pressure. The data are available now and thus also comparison to other stations.

Added data from January 2008